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The Best Limos vs Good Enough Limos

In business, it’s easy to get confused about the best/most vs good/enough. The best in limousine services are the most luxurious, the fastest service, the best pricing. Good gets the job done.  Enough is workable.  It is just that. If … Continued

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Tips on Limousine Client Retention

It’s a known fact in business that it’s more expensive to win new clients than retain existing ones.  This makes client retention one of your most profitable marketing goals. A delighted corporate limo account can keep you in business.  Several … Continued

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The Essence of Limousine Marketing

At its essence, your limousine service marketing comes down to the following three things.  #1  The Value You Offer  A wise advertiser one said that “a gifted product is more powerful than a gifted pen”. What he meant by this … Continued

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Marketing Isn’t a Spectator Sport

When the limo is moving at high speed it’s harder to pay attention to what’s outside your window… A website conversion requires a commitment.  The person is saying to you they trust you to provide a limo for their business … Continued

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Your #1 Customer Retention Strategy

In business limousine services, there is nothing better than regulars.  They are a signal that you’ve done so many things right.  You have the right customer base.  You’re like and trusted.  And most importantly, you don’t just satisfy expectations – … Continued

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Sometimes You Take the Blame

The oldest excuse for being late picking-up a client is bad traffic.  We’ve all heard it before, and in fact it’s often a legitimate excuse. Or maybe you were in a hurry and didn’t have the time to clean out … Continued

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Luxury vs Premium Limo Services

Do you offer luxury limousine services or premium limousine services?  Is there a difference? According to Seth Godin, it is more than semantics.  He defines luxury as an expense related to scarcity, brand, and storytelling.  Luxury is not about improved … Continued

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